How to Sell Your Home Faster with De Cluttering

When we live in a house for even a short period of time, we can end up accumulating tons of stuff in our homes. This stuff often becomes clutter. While we might not really mind our own clutter, any buyer visiting your home will very much mind the clutter. That’s why it’s so important to de-clutter your home before selling it, especially if you still live in it while conducting showings. Let’s look at how to sell your home by de-cluttering.How to Sell a Cluttered house

The first step in de-cluttering is to remove all of your personal items. While that might sound harsh to refer to that cherished picture of Aunt Jane and Uncle Jim, or your kids first trophy as clutter, it is to anyone who is coming through your home. Most buyers want to envision themselves in your home, and having those personal items tends to easily break that illusion for them. Granted, you don’t have to throw away those items, but it might be for the best to do some early packing for the move by boxing up those items first.

Clutter can also come in the form of excess or worn furniture. All of the furniture that’s on display should be clean and free of damage or wear. Likewise, having a ton of furniture that you’ve accumulated over the years from showroom clearances, relatives who have passed away, or even just by chance can be detrimental to a successful sale. This is because when the room is too full, it also looks smaller than it really is. It’s a sort of optical illusion, but it’s real. Try and donate or dispose of anything you aren’t too attached to. If it is some sentimental piece of furniture, try renting a storage unit to put it in until you can move into a new house.

One main project you should consider is to decide on things to purge. You will have to move eventually, and if you keep all of that clutter, that means you have to take it with you. Transporting things that you might not even want anymore can raise the costs of moving as well as make the whole process take longer. Not to mention that all of that clutter will be on full display as buyers are walking through. There are some good ways to deal with the small scale clutter in your home.

Some experts recommend de-cluttering by categorizing things throughout your home, rather than doing it room by room. An example of this is to gather together all of your books and magazines throughout your home into one spot. This way, you can see every book you have and decide which ones you don’t want or need anymore. While this can be hard if you’re a bibliophile, there are probably some magazines, or even some duplicates of certain items that you can part with. Do this same process with all other items in your home, including clothes, sports gear, decorations, seasonal items, and cookware.

Be sure that extra attention is placed on closets and other storage rooms. Don’t try and cheat by stuffing your clutter in these rooms since buyers are going to be especially interested in the storage capabilities of your home.

The last, but perhaps most important spot to declutter is the outside area of your home. This includes the porch, deck, front and back yards, and even the driveway. These areas will be the first things that prospective buyers see, and you probably have more clutter than you think outside. Any children’s lawn toys should be put away, along with any lawn ornaments. Be sure to look out for any that may have broken over time. You may have forgotten about them, but eagle eyed buyers will be sure to spot that.